McDVOICE has its own food standards, and rightly so!

Two girls apologized to a mother whose son was trapped in the bathroom of a fast-food restaurant.

Kaya Langmead’s skin became “raw” after being caught at McDonald’s on Exeter’s High Street, her mother Nicole Langmead said.

Police in Devon and Cornwall said the girls apologized to the victim’s mother for dissatisfaction with her and her daughter.

Police said the case treated as an attack was closed.

Langmead said her daughter managed to get rid of the toilet seat, which was probably covered with ultra-strong glue, but she cried after the incident, which was considered a joke.

A police spokesperson said: After police injured a four-year-old girl at McDonald’s on Exeter High Street on New Year’s Day, she identified two girls who were later questioned by police.

The two girls immediately accepted what they had done, complained, and apologized to the victim’s mother for the inconvenience that had occurred to her and the daughter.

Devon and the Cornwall Police have taken appropriate action against criminals.

He added that Langmead was “happy with the result.”

McDonald’s said the team would quickly provide medical help and contact police “as soon as our restaurant team was informed of the incident.”

McDonald’s fast-food chain has stopped selling chicken nuggets and other products in Hong Kong.

He said he imported chicken and pork from Shanghai Husi Food, a Chinese company that allegedly supplied obsolete meat to fast food companies.

China closed its operations in Shanghai Husi after local media claimed to have reprocessed expired meat.


McDVOICE is a customer satisfaction survey introduced by the McDonald’s on the official website at the address

This survey is one of the most efficient tools for McDonald’s to make sure that the services and the food offered by them are up to the mark. The McDVOICE Survey can be participated in at the website address

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McDonald’s removed the same number of pips from its menu in Japanese stores earlier this week.

He said Wednesday that about 20% of his chicken nuggets sold in Japan come from Shanghai Husi.

McDonald’s gave the statement that approximately 500 stores in Japan have clipped of chicken nuggets from their menus, adding that sales are likely to return after switching to other suppliers in countries like China and Thailand.

McDonald’s also stopped selling its McSpicy chicken fillets, chicken and green vegetable salads, cups of fresh corn, and iced lemon tea at its Hong Kong stores.

The move came after the Hong Kong food safety regulator suspended all imports from Shanghai Husi Food.

The regulator also said that Husi food already imported into Hong Kong would be labeled, sealed, and excluded from sale until the consequences of the ongoing investigation by Chinese authorities are available.

The Safety At The McDVOICE

Meanwhile, Reuters quoted McDVOICE as saying it imported certain products from Shanghai Husi between July last year and June this year, but that the Shanghai supplier no longer had food in stock.

We affirm that all food sold in McDonald’s restaurants meets Hong Kong food safety standards, the company said.

Shanghai Husi is the Chinese unit of US food supplier OSI Group.

Other clients in China are KFC from Yum Brand, Starbucks Coffee Chain, and Burger King.

Japanese convenience store operator FamilyMart also admitted that its imported garlic nugget from Shanghai had been sold in nearly every 10,000 stores in Japan.

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