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There is also a traditional supermarket, a Kroger, where I buy stores. But the one near your house is not as good as the 15-minute one, he said. Residents of a richer, whiter neighborhood regularly post cereals, nuts, seafood, olives, and wine.

While your neighborhood has some alternatives, there are dollar stores at stores where Catch-22 is not created. On the one hand, these chains serve communities that others have neglected or abandoned, a phenomenon that researchers have called “small supermarkets.” And if a separate neighborhood loses a supermarket, the impact on people in the immediate area can affect the physical and mental health and self-esteem of the community. An affordable way to shop for groceries nearby isn’t ideal, but residents can do better than nothing. “As a person with a fixed income, I see that [dollar stores] save the poor,” a Twitter user responded to the ILSR report. I can store basic products there much cheaper than in normal supermarkets.

On the other hand, the lack of traditional supermarkets and the existence of dollar transactions are closely related to the history of structural and spatial inequalities in the United States. “Supermarkets follow patterns of racial and residential segregation. We can combine all cities with large black populations,” said Reese.

In his research, he tracks the decline of the Dollar General Survey supermarket in communities of color, especially black communities, until the late 1960s, when riots broke out in several major cities after the murder of Martin Luther King Jr. in the fast-moving suburbs. The movement of urban supermarkets hoped to close for financial and security reasons.

DGCustomerFirst Commonly Asked Queries

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Why should I participate in the Dollar General Survey?

Dollar General Survey helps the DGCustomerFirst to analyze their own services and products. Your participation in the Dollar General Survey ensures better customer support on your future visits to the Dollar General.

Where can I conduct the Dollar General Survey?

You can participate in the Dollar General Survey at the website address

What is the age limit to participate in this survey?

You must be above 18 if you wish to participate in the Dollar General Survey.

I am a resident of Australia. Can I conduct this survey?

No. Only the legal residents of the USA are allowed to participate in the DGCustomerFirst survey.

They intentionally or deliberately followed whites out of town, he said. In 1968, he had 91 supermarkets in Washington, DC, where Reese did his field research; In 1995 there were only 33 left. “We have never seen otherwise,” Reese said. Today is DC’s economic recovery. There are many supermarkets, but they are not evenly distributed throughout the city. In rooms 7 and 8, for example, only three supermarkets serve around 150,000 residents. (Recently, the non-profit and travel company Lyft and the local non-profit company Martha’s Table have teamed up to offer supermarket tours to residents of these neighborhoods.)

Enter the dollar stores.

Like Walmart before them, these retailers present themselves as job creators and sources of cheap food and products in “left” areas, both in the city and in the country. The 2008 recession increased their number, restricted the recovery of traditional Dollar General Survey supermarkets, and expanded the potential customer base. Medium buyers visited these stores. In 2009, the New York Times resumed the trend: “Chains that once called themselves buyers and sold all or part of their products for $ 1 are suddenly hot.”

As the retail collapse continues and many demanding retailers close or consolidate shopping malls, compact, inexpensive stores have fallen into empty space.

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