Are UPSers in trouble?

One suspect is said to have died and another was arrested Thursday after the theft of a UPS machine gun truck. The driver was taken hostage when he tried to escape from the police in San José, California. I was. Authorities.

A male suspect identified by friends as Mark Morasky was shot by police, but his health was unknown, the Bay Area KTVU FOX 2 reported. KPIX-TV in San Francisco reported that a suspect was pronounced dead at 7:20 p.m. Pacific time, but it was not known whether the suspect was shot by the police or by his own hand.

A suspect was arrested, but his health was also unclear, according to the UPSers login report.

The encounter with the police took place near the office of major Internet companies such as eBay, Google, and PayPal, the San Jose Mercury News published.

The delivery man was released unharmed after a slow chase by San José police and Santa Clara County sheriff’s officers, the newspaper said. A body bag was seen with the police standing in a parking lot. However, according to the UPSers login newspaper, it is unclear whether the death occurred at the crime scene.

The torture began in San José, and the suspects abandoned their car and stole the UPS truck, according to Mercury News. The suspects eventually stopped at an intersection with dozens of police cars at the scene, according to the report.

UPS receives a truck delivery that matches the boxes offered.

The transport giant announced plans to test a fleet of fully electric trucks from British startup Arrival this year.

The vans have a distinctive rectangular shape with rounded edges, a full windshield to improve visibility, and electronic driver assistance systems to improve safety and reduce fatigue.

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The company claims to have a range of 150 miles per charge, which is enough to cover many urban routes.

UPS will test 35 trucks in Paris and London this summer, while the British Royal Mail will test nine in the capital.

There are currently no plans to bring trucks coming to the US However, UPS is working with Ohio Workhorse to develop a larger, emission-free truck for use here and has reserved 125 of the proposed tractors. Powered by Tesla battery.

A UPS store in Madison, Mississippi, is being sued for its employees’ role in a Ponzi program that costs investors about $ 100 million.

Clarion-Ledger reports that New Orleans attorney Alysson Mills filed a complaint last week. The lawsuit alleges that the branch employees were involved in a lumber program that promised high-interest rates to approximately 300 investors. Actually, the new money was used to pay old investors.

The lawsuit indicates that the workers notified the counterfeit wood and that the fellows appeared before them, although “no agents appeared in person.”

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Program director Arthur Lamar Adams is serving a 17-year sentence for wire fraud. Another Mississippi man accused of the plan, William McHenry, has not pleaded guilty to similar charges.

The UPSers login said the store had no comment.